caseta-wireless-smart-bridge-appAre you looking for a new wireless way to control the lighting in your entire house or even in one specific room of your house like your home theater area? Lutron’s Caseta Wireless might just be the best option for you.  With a simple replacement of your existing switches, changing the light settings in your house can be at your fingertips.  This new technology also pairs with shade controls as well, making setting the scene in your home theater easier than ever before.

Once the switches and plugs are switched out, you can use the remote control to change lighting and shading options. For an additional cost, you can purchase the “smart bridge pro” wireless connection that will allow you to control these things from your smart phone. This app can be used from within your house, or even from your car within a certain range of the house. With a suggested retail price for the bridge of $200, this kind of control can be within everyone’s reach with only a small investment.

These dimmers actually help LEDs and CFLs perform better than traditional dimmers keeping them on while dimming and seriously reducing the amount of flickering that you will see as you dim.  The wireless technology works through walls and around corners, and won’t interfere with your other wireless systems in the house.

Finally, the app that is used with the bridge works to adjust lighting, shades, and temperature in the home. It is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Set up is simple, and we are happy to help you with the process. Once the bridge is hooked up to your existing router, you only need to download the app and follow the instructions, and then you are off and running.

The biggest benefit, according to PC Magazine: this app allows you to set your lights to a schedule. We recommend getting not only the dimmer packages, but also the smart bridge pro so that you can get the most out of your lighting control experience.

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*Photo credit Caseta Wireless