Set the scene in your home theater room with a Lutron-built lighting systems easily controlled with a Universal Remote Control. Gone are the days when you need to get up to fiddle with the switches and dimmers on the wall in order to get the lighting right. Now you can not only find the optimum settings for your theatrical viewing pleasure, but also program them to be accessible with a simple touch. You can program different lighting scenes for different types of viewing, and customize your experience easily with this URC new lighting control. Building on the trusted URC and Lutron brands, this new lighting control will make it easier than ever to set the mood with lighting, and change it whenever you want.

As you have come to expect from the URC brand, there are no other costly equipment that are required to use the lighting control for your home theater system. Working directly with your existing wiring, the lighting control is an easy addition to make to any home theater, and is especially cost-effective for retrofitting your existing system. If you bought a Universal Remote Control after January 2008, your remote already has the capability to control these new Lutron lighting devices natively, so no costly boxes or other equipment are necessary. Retailing for around $150 a piece, these lighting devices are available exclusively through URC, and are an easy piece to add to any new or existing home theater system.

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