ovcr-app-remote-home-theater-customer-serviceHome theater installation experts are always looking for ways to better serve their customers, and SnapAV has a great new app that will not only enhance customer service possibilities, but also save us money as businesses. This new OvrC app is multi-platform, device, and operating system compatible, and easily works with SnapAV’s power management Wattbox. This new app makes it easier than ever to remotely fix problems that occur in customers’ homes, sometimes even before they are noticed.

SnapAV has done their homework to make this the best app out there for monitoring and adjusting multiple customer systems remotely with a few simple swipes of a finger. Combining bank-like security and real-time updates similar to what Facebook employs in their messenger app, OvrC can let you know exactly what is going on with a customer’s system exactly when it happens. The big brag that they are certainly entitled to: you can do it all without ever having to physically trek out to the problematic system. The Wattbox sends a message to the app when an issue occurs, and you can take care of it right from whichever device you have on hand at the time: phone, laptop, or tablet.

This app has been specifically designed with the home theater professional in mind, with the focus on keeping up with multiple systems and configurations. For the home theater enthusiast, this app could also be helpful for keeping your system in tune. For the professionals, OvrC makes our job not only easier on the back end, but also at the front by performing port forwarding and configuration in the secure cloud supported by continuous online communications and near instantaneous response interactions. OvrC raises the bar for issue response time, and professional home theater installation experts should be excited about all the customer service potential that it affords.

*Photo credit OvcR