crestron-pyng-home-automationAutomating your home used to be extremely complicated and expensive, but not anymore. If you are looking for a way to automate your home, Crestron has a new app that will blow you away. Using only your iPad that is linked in to an automation hub, you can now control your lighting, motorized shades, security, energy management, and whole house integration. The Pyng app puts the controls at your fingertips for all these things, and makes scene management easier than ever before. It even detects which room you are in to control what type of atmosphere you want.

The way it works is to integrate your automated products into one system and then to display each product with controls on your iPad. You can program it for certain settings by letting it know exactly what you are doing and how you want the lighting, shades, etc. to be. This is a major departure from previously much more complicated automation systems which could only be controlled and set-up via your laptop.

With this product, Crestron has made great strides in user friendliness and integrated concepts for your entire home. The biggest difference compared to other models is the software and cloud engine, in addition to how affordable it is compared to other systems out there. The only drawback to Crestron Pyng: you still can’t control A/V with this app, but you can basically control everything else.

To get started, you only need the Crestron Hub and the Pyng App on your iPad. We’ll take care of setting everything up for you and making sure you know how to use the app. The best part is that set-up doesn’t take hours and no longer requires programming knowledge to do so. The cloud set-up even remembers previous settings, so if you make changes that you don’t like you can easily go back to the way that they were previously without having to reprogram the entire system. Contrary to other systems out there, Crestron had the products and then developed the software to control them, making it a much smoother automation transition than others available on the market at this time. The Pyng app is one more way that you can simplify your home theater system controls, making it even easier to customize your home theater experience.

*Photo credit Crestron