Winning a 2014 Product of the Year award is impressive, and it is definitely deserved for this new Plexus Video Projection Screen by Stewart. This screen was created with everyone in mind, with special attention to details making it easier for those without dedicated home theater rooms to finally watch projected movies, even on a screen in front of a regular television.

Light has always been the issue with projection screens. If you weren’t using a projector screen in a completely light controlled environment, then you weren’t going to be able to completely see all of the movie or show, and its effects. The Plexus Video Projection Screen takes the light out of the equation, however, through two major new features mobile casino that the other projection screens don’t have.

The first new feature that the Plexus Video Projection Screen has is a blackout shade that you can roll down to protect the screen from ambient light behind it.  Some other screens have tried to address this issue with the use of scrim, but this blackout shade is actually already incorporated behind the screen which is then layered with a masking system over top. This three layered system can then be used not only in front of your television, but even in front of a patio door or window.

The second amazing feature is the masking system, which is customizable to create the perfect image area for content filmed in different aspect ratios or different types of media. Best of all, Plexus comes with three Independent Motor Controls (IMCs), so that you can always customize the screen to your particular needs utilizing the three separate rollers.

These amazing screens are built to order by the Stewart company in California, which has been family owned since 1947.

Bottom line: If you don’t have a dedicated light controlled home theater room, but you want the advantages of watching media projected on a customizable screen, this is the best option on the market right now.