niles-cynema-CSF65A-soundbarIf you are looking for a 3-channel home theater in-wall soundbar, you can’t do much better than the Niles Cynema Soundfield Soundbar. This soundbar is unique among the competition, as you do not even need to drill or cut any wall studs to mount it, and it can be centered under any flat screen television.

The soundbar comes in three sizes: 48”, 55”, 65”, so it’s easy to choose the size that fits the needs of your home theater. Each of these sizes all have the same advantages including the space saving in-wall design.

Before we discuss these advantages, take note that the Niles Cynema Soundfield Soundbar also comes in the CSF48P (passive model) which is powered from your home theater receiver. If you are interested in the 48” Soundfield Soundbar, you may consider spending the extra money for the CSF48A (active model).

The biggest benefit of the passive model is its ability to integrate with other forms of amplification, though all three sizes of the active model come with a Dolby Digital processing 3-channel by 30W digital preamp/amplifier. This is definitely a major advantage of the active models.

Finally, these soundbars all have a frequency response of 65-25,000 Hz, making every sound clear. These soundbars produce the outstanding simulated surround sound and music processing, all from just underneath your flat screen television. Additionally, the soundbar can learn volume and mute IR controls from your television’s remote for simpler control.

Some critics have noted two drawbacks to this Niles Cynema Soundfield Soundbar. First, there is only one HDMI input, which can certainly increase your wiring costs if you need more than one. Second, while the soundbar quality is great, you may want to add a subwoofer for optimal sound.

The amazing design of this product far outweighs these two rather minor cons. Despite the price point being a little higher than some of the other soundbars out there, the Niles Cynema Soundfield Soundbar is worth the extra money for the way that it disappears without giving up the sound quality that you expect.

*Image credit Niles Audio