Do you miss that under-the-stars experience of a drive-in movie theater? While there may not be one in your area anymore, with the Epic Sky Star Panel System you can create that same type of experience in your home theater without the mosquito bites and smelly car exhaust!

Not only does this panel system create an outdoor feeling in the comfort of your home theater, but you also have the ability to change it at will with the touch of your fingers on a touch pad wall control from Epic Sky Star, or through your own serial command home automation control. These panels might just make you never want to pay for movie tickets again.

The panels come in various sizes from as small as casino online 2’x 2’ up to 4’x 8’, and are pre-lit with mounted LED lights that can dazzle your audience in several different settings.  The lights are set up in real constellations, with features such as shooting stars that can travel through multiple panels and meteor shower effects. They are also dimmable, and some sound effects are included in the system such as rain showers and thunder. This is not even to mention the moon feature that goes through realistic phases. You can also opt for cove lighting effects for different moods such as morning sky, sunset, romance, and more.

For you audio geeks, you should know that the Epic Sky Star Panel System comes in two varieties of acoustical panels of your choice: either fabric wrapped acoustical panel or high grade PVC vinyl smooth Stucco. They are also made of UL fire rated material, which helps protect them in the event of a fire. But most people who purchase these panels are concerned with creating the right ambiance in their home theater, and this award winning system delivers. You will not be disappointed in this product.