heos-by-denon-wireless-multi-room-audio-systemFor the audiophile in everyone, there’s a new way to listen to music throughout your entire home: enter the HEOS Multi-room Wireless Speaker System by Denon. Newly released at the end of June, this system is a rival for Sonos, which has been at the top of the home music streaming market for some time. HEOS by Denon contains six major parts: HEOS Link pre-amp, HEOS Extend wi-fi extender, and three speakers – the HEOS 3, 5, and 7.  The best part about these speakers: no ugly wires to run up your walls or through your ceiling.

Denon, the manufacturer, has new patented technology making stereo sound from 2 speakers or a house filled with music from a single source with very low-latency streaming. This means that you can stream your music all through your house without noticing any sort of delay between rooms. Additionally, you can stream music from both local and cloud sources. You don’t have to choose between your iPod and Songza playlists; both will synchronize through this new system.

The system also incorporates dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi for less interference from other electronics in your house, in addition to long-range and bandwidth. You can place this system anywhere in your home and you don’t have to worry.

One additional feature offered with this system is the options of set-up and control through an app on your phone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users, and is supposed to be very simple to navigate with point, click, and swipe features. Once the system is installed, you may use the app to control the audio for any and all rooms with installed speakers in your house as well.

Since HEOS by Denon is so new on the market, it is difficult to say whether it will remain a contender in the multi-room wireless speaker system competition. Denon has a more than 100 year history of audio technology integrity and innovation, so it should be interesting to see whether HEOS by Denon is preferred by those with discerning ears.

*Photo credit HEOS by Denon