JVC-4K-projectorWhen it comes to screen resolution, there are constant technological advances to keep consumers longing for the next big thing. One of the latest is 4K, which is up to four times the definition of 1080p, the consumer high-definition standard. Televisions with 4K resolution are still few and far between, and entertainment for the small screen isn’t yet widely available. But Hollywood is on board – more and more films are being shot or mastered in 4K, leaving this resolution the go-to for commercial digital cinema projection.

So, what does that mean for your home theater? For consumers fortunate enough to have a movie-screen setting in their own homes, 4K projector resolution came with a hefty price tag (upward of $20,000!). JVC, a pioneer in home projection technology, has answered the call for a more affordable 4K projector option, and launched a line of projectors to bring 4K-like viewing into your home.

The DLA-X900R, DLA-X700R and DLA-X500R are a new line of home theater projectors from JVC using an existing technology to bring 4K-like viewing to consumers. Although this line of projectors is actually simulated 4K, they are comparable to true 4K and far more affordable. The entry-level projector, the DLA-X500R, is about 1/3 of the price of the least expensive 4K projector in the U.S., the Sony 600ES. JVC uses a system known as “e-shift”, which creates a 4K-quality image by splitting incoming signals and outputting them as two 1080p panels. The images are combined in a process called “pixel shift”, which creates the 4K image.

The projectors have deep blacks and bright whites, so consumers will get stunning, flicker-free viewing. Automated lens shift with memory presets make for an easy setup, and all three projectors feature 3D compatibility. The biggest difference between the three projectors (other than price) is the aspect ratio, ranging from 60,000:1 to 120,000:1, respectively.

The new line of projectors will be available in November, and are only available through JVC dealers.

*Photo credit JVC