The weather is starting to heat up, and that means outdoor fun, grilling out and late nights on the patio. For music lovers, having a great sound system for outdoor entertainment is almost as important as the setup indoors.

There are several outdoor speaker kits and brands that offer outdoor sound systems and landscape speakers, including Sonarray and subTERRAIN.

Now Episode, a small but growing company, has hit the ground running with a variety of speaker kits and products that are installed and calibrated for peak home performance. On this list are landscape speakers that rival those from bigger speaker companies, and can add form and function to your outdoor sound setup.

Episode landscape speakers have two general categories: traditional outdoor speakers, and decorative planter and rock speakers. All the products in the Episode outdoor and landscape speakers line have a lifetime warranty and are made from high-quality materials that are built to last.

The traditional outdoor speakers include satellite speakers, Burial Subwoofer, in-ceiling speakers, dual input and surface-mount speakers. The satellite speakers come in two sizes: 6- and 4-inches, and are weatherproof. The dark brown color help the speakers blend in to the environment, and deliver full, natural sound. In the 70V mode, consumers can control the volume on individual speakers – they can be softer around sitting areas and louder in open spaces.

Episode’s Burial Subwoofer has a 12” woofer and HDPE housing, so you’ll get thunderous bass that will withstand any type of weather condition. The earth-tone dome that pushes the sound from underground is designed to blend in with landscaping. The Episode 300 Series All Weather In-Ceiling speaker has a 8.8” diameter, 5-way Gold plated binding posts, and a 4.0 kHz frequency to give homeowners clear, natural sound. The Dual Input speaker is 5.25 inches, built for the outdoors, and can be used in area where other outdoor speakers fail. The Commercial Surface Mount speakers are 6.5 inches, available in black or white, and can withstand temperatures from -5 to 160 degrees F. These speakers can be mounted on just about any surface with the quick-hang bracket, and include easy-access settings for quick adjustments.

If the traditional speakers in Episode’s line are function, the rock and planter speakers are definitely form. There are three whimsical pieces in the line, each with various looks and speaker sizes. Episode offers two rock speakers, one with an 8” Woofer and one with a 6.5” Woofer; these rocks are available in faux granite or sandstone. The other option is a Terra Cotta planter with a 6.5” Woofer.

These three types of speakers work well with the satellite speakers, subwoofers, surface-mount speakers and in-ceiling speakers, and allow customers to design their perfect outdoor sound scape.

Interested in learning more about Episode speakers? Let us help you pick the right products from this line for a custom outdoor sound system.