URC-mx890-remoteIt seems that nowadays, most homes are filled with remotes. One for the TV, another for the cable box, another for the DVD, the stereo and so on. While this creates quite a bit of clutter, it also creates a game called “Where’s the remote?”.

Except no one likes to play “where’s the remote”.

It’s infinitely frustrating to spend time chasing down the correct remote for whichever device they’d like to use.

There’s a simple solution to streamline your remote situation. You can save time searching for remotes while achieving a less cluttered home by using a universal remote.

One of the most innovative universal remotes on the market is the URC MX890 remote. This remote is equipped to manage any audio visual device in your house. It can also manage your lighting. Perhaps best of all, this remote is versatile enough to manage more than just your home theater or entertainment room. With this remote, you can select other rooms in your house to manage as well.

The URC MX890 remote is fully customizable. Though it comes equipped with all of the traditional hard buttons and functionality you’re used to, you can also add custom icons to your display. This allows you to create custom lighting settings, fire up an entire system at once, and more. The high-resolution screen will allow you to fully customize the system to your home and your unique needs.

For a fully integrated system, you can use this remote with one of URC’s Total Control System bases. This means that you can use the system from anywhere. It will operate through walls, cabinets, or even from outside. You do not need to be pointing directly at the system you want to control or even in the same room.

For complete ease of use, the URC MX890 remote does not even require batteries. Instead, it comes with a charging base so it is always charged and ready to use. Even better, the charging base helps ensure you’ll always know where this remote is.

*Photo credit universalremote.com