No one wants to feel unsafe in their own home. Especially when you travel frequently or are regularly away from home, you want to be able to make sure your home is secure. Keeping your home safe is everyone’s number one priority.

Soon, Home Theater Solutions will be offering a new, interactive security monitoring service. We will install top-of-the line components offered through This will allow to sleep (or travel) safely knowing that even when you’re not monitoring your home, someone is still keeping watch.

These systems offer several key benefits including advanced home monitoring technology, email and text alerts, continued monitoring of your home even when the system is disarmed and the ability to control your home through the web or mobile app.

This technology does not need a phone or Internet connection, so your house stays secure even if your phone line is cut, the Internet is down or the power goes out. No matter the circumstances, your system stays active. It also features crash and smash protection. An intruder will never be able to disable your system panel – alerts are sent at the first sign of entry. Even better, your door locks can be integrated with this security technology. This option allows you to lock your doors remotely. For anyone who struggles to remember whether they locked their doors before leaving the house, this offers great peace of mind.

In today’s market, many systems call you when an alarm is triggered. In an emergency, this can be less than ideal as your phone may not be instantly accessible. As an alternative, the technology offered with features a two-way voice panel. This means you can speak to an operator immediately, directly through your system panel.

This entire security package is made even simpler to use due to the fact that the entire system is interactive. You can manage your home at any time from the web or using a free mobile app. You also have the ability to set up email and/or text notifications that alert you of anything unusual happening at your home.

Ultimately, this security system allows you to be safe and secure while maintaining complete flexibility. You’ll be able to manage your home security system however it works best for you. We’re really excited about this new service offering and looking forward to making your home safer.