More and more Americans are ditching traditional cable and satellite companies in lieu of more affordable entertainment options. We’re entering a new world of smart TVs and set-top boxes that blur the lines between your television and your computer. There are a variety of options on the market, including Google Chromecast, Roku 3 and Apple TV, but for Android fans, a new set-top box is ready to hit the market: the Hisense Pulse Pro.

At CES 2014, one of the premier tech trade shows in the US, Hisense demoed their newest streaming media app. An upgrade from the original Pulse, launched along with Google TV in 2012, the Pulse Pro runs “Android TV v4”, but uses the same types of apps and PrimeTime guide.

The Hisense Pulse Pro has some impressive improvements from its previous form. The biggest change is in the remote, which has simplified searching for programming and accessing your favorite apps. The dual-sided remote that featured a full keyboard on one side has been replaced by a slick voice-activated search feature – users push the search button, speak into the built-in mic, and the search displays on the screen in a matter of seconds. The powerful voice-activation system works well even in a noisy room. The remote also has a motion sensor to navigate apps and programs on your television set. This feature is great for consumers who like the feel of clicking “buttons” on the screen and works well for browsing the web through your television. The Hisense Pulse Pro helps you get to your content faster with buttons for Vudu, Netflix and Amazon built into the device.

The home screen of the Hisense Pulse Pro is another improvement. Content choices are laid out in a much more logical way than on the Hisense Pulse; apps are found on the home screen, and additional screens are available for movies, TV series, and HD programming.

So far, Hisense hasn’t released a price point or official releases date. Fans of streaming video, add this one to your wish list!