Sonos-playbar-update-connect-ampIf you want to feel your music or movie soundtrack, and not just listen to it, surround sound is a must for your home theater system. Sonos Playbar Soundbar owners now have the opportunity to experience the amazing power of surround sound with their existing products.

Sonos, a power player in the home theater system industry, released a software update for Playbar Soundbar at the end of October that will allow consumers and installers to integrate the system with rear speakers to create a 5.1 surround sound system. According to the company, the update will enable Connect:Amp, Sonos’ wireless HiFi amplifier, to be connected to any third-party in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. The software update is fast and easy; it can be installed in about two minutes via a button push on all players. Dealers can then pair the Connect:Amp to the Playbar to unleash true surround sound.

The update is a step forward for Sonos, a company best known for high-quality wireless speakers. The Connect:Amp was developed and added to the line as a wireless music streamer. The update will let dealers provide a more flexible option for surround sound; Sonos Playbar can now be integrated into existing home-theater systems, or different types of speakers can be added to an existing Sonos Soundbar system via the Connect:Amp device.

Connect:Amp retails at $499, and the Sonos Playbar soundbar retails for $699. Sonos will be offering training to dealers through webinars and FAQs, and the company hopes the update will provide additional functionality to custom installs.