luxul-xen-wireless-access-pointThere are elements of a smart home you want and elements that you need. A 4K televisionhigh-quality digital speakers and total control home automation are nice, but the glue that holds it all together is your Wi-Fi system. While there are many wireless access point systems on the market, one company is known for excellence in the Wi-Fi market: Luxul</strong rel=”nofollow”>.

With Luxul’s Xen Wireless Access Point (WAP) line, home theater and home automation consumers can get some of the best technology on the market. The products in the Xen line have the capacity of increasing network speed up to 400 percent in the average home, and covering an almost 5,000 square feet with a minimal amount of equipment. The Luxul Xen line provides out-of-the-box installation and one source for the whole network. The products can be used for personal home networking or can be scaled up to enterprise-level, commercial grade networking.

The Luxul Xen product family includes a variety of high-performance WAPs, switches and routers at different price points and coverage areas, so you can choose exactly what you need for your home or business. Luxul Xen WAPs deliver whole home or office coverage from a single access point, and are available in indoor, outdoor and commercial grade. Luxul Xen switches, routers and POE switches connect seamlessly to the WAPs through XenConnect™ technology, making them extremely easy to set up.

As an added bonus to this high-powered performance, Luxul Xen products are designed to be installed almost anywhere, and feature low profile flush-mount installation. The line has also been tested and rated in temperatures as high as 131 degrees and as low as 14 degrees without requiring insulation – a feat many other WAPs can’t touch.

The Luxul Xen line is only available to professional installers through CEDIA channels. If you’re interested in the next level of Wi-Fi home networking, call us for a consultation.