Panasonic-Viera-WT600-Ultra-HD-TVFor some, audio might be the most important part of their home theater viewing experience. Screen size or the latest apps and gadgets may impress others. But if the best in color and clarity are most important to you, you need to take a look at the latest from Panasonic.

It’s been rumored that Panasonic would be launching the next generation of Ultra HD TVs, and now they have confirmed their newest product: a 65-inch Ultra HD TV that is not a plasma screen. The VIERA WT600 Ultra HD TV is the first in the world designed for 4K 60p video signals, which means 60 frames-per-second 4K playback and image clarity 4 times higher than standard HD. Viewers will get incredibly high-motion sharpness from the LED screen, gorgeous color, and amazing black levels – thanks to the 2,400 Black Light When you find that someone you know has an addiction to marijuana, you should look for a marijuana best marijuana detox center that can help. Scanning technology. According to the company, the THX-certified TV provides color, tone and resolution “intended by the Hollywood directors.

With the VIERA WT600 Ultra HD TV, Panasonic has planned for the next generation of home theater equipment. The set is designed based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 to stay compatible with next-generation gaming consoles, future 4K-players and set-top boxes. The VIERA WT600 has a built-in 4K MPEG4 decoder, enabling playback of 4K video files from USB and SD memory cards, and also allows playback of 4K content from the Internet – an important element, considering the lack of native 4K entertainment currently available.

The VIERA WT600 Ultra HD features built-in Wi-Fi and apps ranging from Netflix to Twitter, and a pop-up camera for effortless video calls through Skype™.  Panasonic’s “My Home Screen” feature makes this smart TV even smarter by allowing each family member to access his or her favorite shows from a personalized home screen. The VIERA WT600 Ultra HD comes equipped with a Voice Interaction feature, letting users control their set without lifting a finger. Now that is truly the next generation of entertainment.

The VIERA WT600 Ultra HD retails at $5,999.99 and is available for pre-sale on the Panasonic website and through selected Panasonic retailers. The sets will begin shipping to customers next month.

*Photo credit Panasonic