sonance-sonarray-sr1-outdoor-speakerWhat’s better than a cold drink on your patio on a warm summer evening? How about listening to your favorite tunes with amazing clarity and audio performance?

Summertime means spending more time outside enjoying the nice weather, and part of the fun is being able to listen to your favorite summer songs while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. With hundreds of types of outdoor speakers and sound systems on the market, it can be difficult to find one that has great sound, is easy to install, and fits within the average homeowner’s budget. Not to mention, a system that will blend seamlessly into backyard décor.

Enter the Sonance SONARRAY SR1 System, an amazing outdoor speaker kit that may make homeowners think about outdoor entertainment in a whole new way. Sonance takes the guesswork out of outdoor installation, providing everything you need for superb outdoor sound in one box.

What’s in the Sonance SONARRAY SR1 System

The SONARRAY SR1 System includes 8 satellite speakers that look like landscape lights, and an in-ground subwoofer. The kit includes extensive instructions for wiring and placement for optimal dispersion, taking the guesswork out of the speaker setup. The system can handle up to 100 watts and can be linked up to 20 feet. Satellites and subwoofer are made from non-corrosive materials and have a sealed enclosure, so this system can stand up to the weather. The kit also includes eight ground stakes and 24 outdoor-rated Silicone filled wire nuts.

Sonance SONARRAY Performance

Performance of the SONARRAY SR1 System is surprisingly powerful; homeowners can expect to be wowed by the clarity and quality of the SONARRAY SR1 kit as compared to other outdoor speakers. Satellites are installed six to eight inches apart along the perimeter of the listening area, and the subwoofer is dropped in the center of the listening area. The setup provides surround sound quality and impeccable coverage, eliminating the problem of uneven sound in different areas of the yard. Neighbors will love the SONARRAY SR1 System, too; the speakers face inward, keeping the sound in your backyard.

The price-point is relatively affordable considering the robustness of the system. The SONARRAY SR1 system retails for $2,499, and is available through retailers nationwide.