A few years ago, keeping your music in “the cloud” seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. Thanks to companies like Autonomic Controls (who pioneered the use of cloud-based media servers), streaming music from the cloud is as effortless and high quality as a disk.

The launch of the MMS-5A builds upon the success and popularity of the MMS-5 Mirage Media Server. The original device was a cross between a media server and Internet storage with home control built in. The latest version has many great features not found on the original, including an ultra-quiet chassis and 192kHz/24-bit digital USB audio.


Another amazing new feature in the MMS-5A is the on-screen navigation interface, which is a must considering this powerful streaming music server compiles hits from Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, last.fm, and Spotify, as well as connection to your home network. The on-screen navigation is easy to use and can be controlled by the Mirage Media Controller for iPad and iPhone. Of course, users can still connect with their Universal Remote Control or from the web-based interface.

If dancing ‘til dawn is your thing (or if you dig that DJ sound), the MMS-5A gives audiophiles gapless playback, which means eliminating the silence as one song moves to the next. Avid music buffs can ask their friends to join in the fun by connecting the MMS-5A to AirPlay and asking guests to contribute content via Wi-Fi.

The MMS-5A has unlimited zones; consumers can have up to four independent streams of audio pumping to as many zones as a multi-room system supports. Music from one MMS-5A can even be routed via the cloud to another server in a different location.

The MMS-5A will be available starting June 25 and will retail at $4,250.

*Photo credit Autonomic Controls