Sonos was one of the first companies to bring wireless HiFi multi-room music systems to consumers everywhere. With the recent introduction of the Sonos Playbar in February, Sonos set the standard for easy-to-install, high quality sound systems.

Alone, the Sonos Playbar is exceptional, but to really get the most from your equipment, you’ll need to budget a few more bucks for the Sonos Sub, a small-but-mighty subwoofer that can be paired with a variety of Sonos products (including the Sonos Playbar.)


The Sonos Sub is relatively thin compared to other subwoofers on the market, with a depth of 15.8 x 6.2 x 15 and weighing in at 36 pounds. The weight comes from the proprietary resin, which creates maximum air volume for sound without buzzes, rattles or vibration. The force-cancelling speakers are positioned face-to-face, giving you richer sound. The state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) takes care of all the filter settings, alignment and equalization. The Sonos Sub can sit upright or flat, and comes in two finishes: a high-gloss black finish and a matte black finish, so you can mix your subwoofer to your room’s décor.

The Sonos Sub is form and function. The subwoofer pairs easily and automatically with other speakers in the system (including the Play:3, Play:5 and Playbar.) The two-channel system is great for background music and audio on movies, television shows and video games, but handles full-resolution MP3s effortlessly, delivering powerful and perfectly toned bass. How powerful? Sonos showed off the power of the Sub using purple non-Newtonian fluid to show how the Sub dances, shakes and rumbles with clear, pumping bass.

The Sonos Sub subwoofer is easily paired with the rest of your Sonos system via the desktop controller, and is connected wirelessly through SonosNet, the company’s wireless network. Like other products in the Sonos line, the Sub subwoofer has no wiring and no programming – just a one-button setup. The Sonos Sub (like all the other products in the Sonos family) can be controlled through a computer, smart phone or tablet through the free Sonos Controller apps (available for Android or iOS systems.)

The Sonos Sub subwoofer runs around $700 – an investment, but a worthwhile investment for music lovers.