Marantz-ReceiversThe recently released Marantz NR1504 and NR1604 Receivers have been designed to be the central piece of your home theater system.

Marantz put the emphasis on networking, fully integrating with thousands of radio stations, Pandora, Sirius XM and Spotify. Of course, you’ll need to have subscriptions for these services in some instances. This means you can put the power of the internet into your audio system. Additionally, Bluetooth is an option on both receivers using the optional RX-101 wireless adapter. The NR1604 goes the extra mile by integrating with Apple AirPlay giving users access to their computers’ iTunes playlists.

These components also allow you to bring many of your equipment pieces together. They each feature an HDMI and USB port on the front panel. The NR1504 and NR1604 also include a whopping 5 and 6 HDMI inputs on the back panel respectively. The NR1504 is equipped to receive 5 channels and the NR1604 pulls in 7 channels.

Marantz sets the price for the NR1504 and NR1604 at $499.99 and $649.99 respectively. This allows you to fully integrate your audio system for a great mid-range price. Nothing on the market allows you to pull all of your audio inputs together for such a reasonable price. They also boast a remarkably slim design, making them perfect for spaces where you’d like a more low profile system.

These receivers also include a new graphical user interface, the Marantz Setup Assistant, and the Audyssey MultEQ room acoustic measurement and correction system. The Audyssey MultEQ allows you to setup the system with the best configuration for your space by measuring acoustics and simplifying the diagnostic process. Additionally, for those looking to stay hands-free, there are also control options via the free Marantz Remote App. The NR1604 boosts your options with multi-zone functionality, 3D pass-through and support for reproducing 4K Ultra HD video.

Overall, reviews of the two new Marantz receivers have been very positive. Much like the Marantz Processor, these components can be a huge asset to your home theater system. If you have questions about how to integrate this piece into your home theater solution, contact us for more information on planning your perfect home audio system.