NuVo Technologies is one of the industry leaders in whole home audio systems, providing homeowners with expertly installed hardwired systems boasting amazing sound quality. For audiophiles looking for a less permanent solution from NuVo, the latest announcement from the company will be music to their ears – literally!

NuVo has released their first wireless multi-room system with the capacity of 16 wireless zones streaming from various sources simultaneously. The system is based on dual-band 802.11n wireless technology built on the new system’s GW100 router. NuVo’s new wireless multi-room system includes two types of wireless players and a dedicated controller built with the Android OS. The players stream to traditional loudspeakers to complete the system.

The beauty of the NuVo system is that customers can get the same great quality sound with minimal set-up. The mix-and-match nature of the system is also great for consumers who want to start small – zones can be added as you go.

The two players in the NuVo wireless system provide a variety of amazing features. The P200 and P100 let consumers access music from PC or Mac, stream online through Pandora, Rhapsody and SiriusXM, or connect any storage device containing music through the built-in USB port. Independent zone control means homeowners can listen to different types of music in different zones – or, connect all the zones to play the same music in “Party Mode”. With the NuVo wireless system, consumers can expect lossless audio delivery, kept in sync and high fidelity in every zone. The systems are controlled in the palm of your hand with the NuVo Android and iOS apps. The P200 also has built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing users to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The NuVo wireless system is a completely new platform than existing NuVo products, which means the system will not integrate with these products. NuVo has created a three-zone hardwired streamer, called the P3100, to connect players and help homeowners create a wireless system that replicates NuVo’s flagship system, Concerto.

The NuVo wireless system products will ship in the next few months. The P3100 is priced at $1,299; the P200 is $599 and the P100 runs about $479.