Make room for a new piece to your Sonos multi-room music system in your living room or home theater. Sonos, a company who brought wireless HiFi multi-room music system to the masses, is releasing a new soundbar that connects to your television.


The , introduced February 12, measures only 3-feet, but packs powerful sound for your games, movies and music. The Sonos Playbar includes nine individually amplified speakers – six mid-woofers and three tweeters. What does that mean for you? According to the Santa Barbara, Calif. based company, it means “deep, rich low-frequency sounds” and “clear high-frequency detail” so you can listen to your various entertainment with audio that is not just loud, but a higher quality than other soundbars and speakers on the market.

Setting up the soundbar is simple – the Sonos Playbar connects to the TV with just one optical cable (which means no complicated multi-cord hookups) and it can be linked to almost any type of device, including cable boxes and satellite systems, Blu-ray players, game consoles and smartphones and tablets. The online casino small, flat, rectangular device is versatile – it can lay flat on an entertainment center or can be wall-mounted above or below the television, so you can fit it into your home entertainment configuration effortlessly.

The Sonos Playbar can also be controlled by a smart phone or tablet with the free Sonos app, allowing users to stream music from a home computer music library or digital subscription services like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody and Amazon Cloud.

If you’re already a Sonos HiFi multi-room music system customer, the Sonos Playbar connects with all your other Sonos devices, like the Play:3 surround sound. Customers who are looking for a theater-quality sound experience can also pair the Playbar with a Sonos sub for an even more powerful low-range sound that will make your jaw drop. The Sonos wireless subs feature thick, zero vibration sound with a one-button setup. In fact, the Sonos sub is the one piece that will turn your Sonos Playbar into a relatively complete, extremely easy to use system on a budget.

What kind of budget? The Sonos Playbar will retail at about $700 on its own, while the Sonos sub is another $700. Compared to other systems, however, the Sonos Playbar and Sonos sub is a great solution for home theater owners looking for amazing quality sound.

Sonos Playbar will be available starting March 3. Contact us today to learn more or to pre-order.