When you’re looking for a smart home system that will allow you to control almost all the functions in your home – from heating and air to audio – look to the company who started it all with universal remotes: URC.

URC, founded in 1991, is the pioneer in universal remote controls (which began the home automation craze), providing more than 100 million consumers worldwide with the tools to control their home systems with ease. One of the most advanced and complete whole-house audio and control systems is URC’s Total Control line, which first debuted at the CEDIA Expo in 2010.

The URC Total Control line revolves around a networked controller called the MRX-10. This controller sits on the home network, and manages a variety of IP-enabled devices, described by URC as “native to the network”, that plug into the home network for control of video cameras, security, thermostats, music and more. The base unit MRX-10 retails around $700.

Check out the details on some of these native to the network systems.

Audio – The DMS-1200 8-zone amp and the single-zone DMS-100 help homeowners enjoy their music from anywhere in the home. These devices simply plug into the controller with ease, and using a proprietary switch, keeps the audio isolated from other elements in the home network, providing optimal performance – no lag, echo or buffering. According to URC, this system performs as well as more expensive systems without the hefty price tag. This product retails around $2000.

Media Players – The SNP-1 streaming network player connects all your favorite music sources into one interface; the product supports Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius/XM and other internet radio stations, as well as streaming tunes through devices like iPod, Mac and PCs and networked hard drives. Each member of the family can get their own SNP-1 streamer, allowing multiple sources to be available at one time. The SNP-1 retails around $600.

Remote Controls –A URC system wouldn’t be complete without their bread-and-butter product: the universal remote control. The TRC-780 remote brings home automation to a new level. With this remote, you can browse iPod playlists, turn on the lights and turn down the heat from the palm of your hand. The TRC-780 has a 1.5” color OLED screen, 6 screen labeled buttons, and can be programmed from anywhere via the Internet. The TRC-780 retails around $300 and can only be used with the MRX-10 network system controller.

Although the Total Control line launched in Spring 2011, it improved further in summer 2012 with the addition of mobile iOS apps for the system, available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The Total Control app allows users to fully control the system just like he or she would through a remote or touchscreen. There is no additional monthly fee to use the apps, only a one-time setup fee of around $200, which includes all future updates and downloads on additional devices.

These are just a few of the fantastic products in the URC Total Control line. Want to learn more or get an estimate from our installers? Call us today for an estimate and for more information on the URC Total Control line.