sharp-elite-lcd-tvWhat was old is new again – and even more amazing – with the re-introduction of Elite TVs.

Pioneer previously manufactured the Elite line of plasma displays, which had some of the industries best color levels in the industry, but the company discontinued their HDTV product line to concentrate on other elements of the home theater system. Late last year, Sharp breathed new life into the Elite brand with two new LCD HDTV screens – touted as “large” and “extra large” – that industry experts say exceed the exceptional quality of their predecessors.

Sharp Elite televisions are exceptional in color, details, smoothness and several other areas that come up short in your average HDTV.

  • Color – From vivid reds to breathtaking greens (and every color in between), the Sharp Elite LCD televisions add a yellow-pixel to the standard red/green/blue palette – a technology the company calls RGB+Y – for a broad range of colors that mimics the colors viewers see with their own eyes.
  • Detail – What can 8 million pixels on the screen give a viewer? Amazing detail with exceptional precision. The Elite LCD TV has four pixel technology, which means each sub-pixel can be addressed on its own, providing remarkable clarity to the image.
  • Smoothness – Sports and movie quality has been improved with the addition of FluidMotion, a frame creation system with unique scanning backlight technology. FluidMotion has 24DHz effect, which improves picture smoothness, making your games look clearer.
  • Uniformity & Brightness – The Gen-Ten LCD panel in the Sharp Elite LCD TV uses a UV2A technology, enabling high brightness levels – up to 20% more light than conventional LCDs. Additionally, the LCDs are evenly dispersed in the Sharp Elite LCD TV behind a diffuser, which means the picture is evenly bright and beautiful.

The Sharp Elite LCD TV is available in two sizes: a 60-inch screen (the PRO-60x5FD) and a 70-inch screen (the PRO-70X5FD). The television sets have built-in WiFi so owners can stream movies and apps, like Netflix, Pandora and Blockbuster, as well as apps like Crestron to link smart home systems. Each set comes with two active shutter 3D glasses to watch the latest 3D content. The Sharp Elite LCD TV are both THX and ISF certified.

If you’re ready to invest in the best LCD technology for the small screen, open your checkbook – the 60-inch Sharpe Elite LCD TV retails for about $6,000 and the 70-inch for $8,500.