In this ultra-busy lifestyle many of us lead, it’s essential to learn the art of multitasking – working while taking phone calls, catching up on news while you watch your child’s swim lesson or listening to the game while you fix dinner.

Our client was faced with a multitasking problem – he wanted to be able to watch television while he was getting ready for work in the bathroom in the morning. We came up with a plan to create a television viewing space and address the reverberation of bathroom acoustics.

The first part of the plan was placing a 32” Samsung LED television behind a two-way mirror in the bathroom. Samsung’s television is ultra-slim (boasting a 1.2-inch depth), with a high contrast ratio and artful design. The 1080 dpi high-resolution screen has 120Hz Auto Motion Plus, which ensures crisp viewing of sports and movies, plus a clear panel that gives you natural skin tones, shadow details and vibrant colors.

Stunningly beautiful and energy-efficient, the Samsung 32” LED TV uses up to 40 percent less power than conventional LCD TVs. We installed the LED TV behind a two way mirror so our client can prepare for work without missing a moment of his favorite morning shows. Now that’s multitasking!

Our client wanted to hear his shows throughout the bedroom and bathroom area, so the second part of our plan included Episode 700 Series In-Ceiling speakers. These powerful speakers have exceptional detail and clarity, even at low volume levels, and fit nicely into the look of the home’s architecture. When the TV is on, sound pipes through the multi-room Episode speakers as the picture appears in the mirror.

When our client is ready to go, the picture disappears and the audio turns off.

We tied the project together using a Crestron Home Automation Center. With this system, our client can control the television, audio and other room elements with a touch of a button on the Crestron touch screen or through apps on an iPhone or iPad.

The result of our multitasking entertainment plan was a futuristic, sophisticated and highly functional design.

Ready to take your multitasking into the future? Contact us for a plan that will fit your home and lifestyle.