By now, you’ve heard about “going green” in your home, including the potentially-huge cost savings and the benefit to the environment. Simple tasks, like turning off the lights when you leave the room, can add up over time.

But what happens when you have a huge house full of lights, appliances and electronics? How can you make your home energy efficient without adding yet another thing to your to-do list? The answer: green home automation systems.

Learn more about 4 ways a home energy automation system can help you.

Automated Lighting

Artificial lighting is responsible for about 15% of a home’s electricity use, so turning off the lights when they aren’t in use is a great way to save on energy costs. Home automation systems, like Crestron, have controls that “read” the amount of daylight in the room, and if this lighting is sufficient, will automatically switch off the light and lock connected switches and motion sensors. Crestron also connects wall switches and dimmers to let homeowners control multiple light sources from one location – or from a hand-held remote.

Water Usage

Don’t let Mother Nature control the condition of your yard; instead, choose a home automation system that lets you program watering of your garden during peak watering times. Crestron has a feature that monitors rain and will turn off your sprinkler system if it detects sufficient rainfall. In fact, Crestron will even email you to let you know! This home automation system also offers a freeze alarm – a sensor that lets you know when sensitive pipes (especially Jacuzzis, toilets and washing machines) are prone to freezing – preventing damage to your system.

Comfort Controls

Fights over the thermostat are a thing of the past with home automation systems that allow you to regulate your HVAC with a push of a button. Crestron lets you create heating and cooling routines based on occupancy, time of the day and outside temperature, connecting a thermostat and motorized window shades to keep your home comfortable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crestron also lets you set a temperature for your whole house or a specific room using smart control systems, and even gives you the ability to control the temperature from your smart phone or tablet.

Home Security

Home automation systems can help you sleep with the peace of mind that your home is protected– whether you’re at home or away. Crestron’s home automation solution includes a one-press activation of motion sensors or security cameras, exterior lights, and locked doors. This system can also notify you by text or email when anyone enters or exits your home. Crestron also offers a feature to turn off appliances throughout your home with a press of a button – a great idea for those forgetful homeowners who may leave the coffee pot on all day.


Automating your home’s systems can greatly improve your energy costs.

If you’re ready to turn your house into a smart home with a home automation system, give us a call to discuss the features and system that is best for you.