A cool feature of whole house audio is the ability to listen to your music anywhere you choose. Jazz music in the kitchen. Pop music with a beat in your home gym. Classical music while you’re soaking in the tub. With whole house audio, you can make any – or all – of these musical choices.

The Charlotte, NC, homeowners who are featured in July’s Installation Spotlight wanted the flexibility to listen to music throughout their 9,000 sq. ft. home, and requested 12 different zones of audio in various locations. Access to Internet radio, Pandora, Rhapsody and Sirius were all on their wish list.

The heart of this installation is the NuVo Concerto audio system. NuVo Concerto, known as NuVo’s “masterpiece”, features 80 watts of powerful digital amplification, high fidelity audio for distortion-free listening, six different inputs, and zone control – allowing each room to be controlled independently. The NuVo Concerto can be controlled wirelessly from Apple and Android devices, and the audio system unit can be controlled through an existing universal remote. Two stacked NuVo Concerto units gave the homeowners a full system of 16 zones – more than enough to fill their home with sound.

The next step in the installation process was to add 24 Episode 500 series in-ceiling speakers into every room. The 500 series model, used for high performance multi-room audio systems, enhances low-frequency performance for a fuller sound, and has tweeter adjustment switches to accommodate for various acoustic differences due to furnishings, carpet or wall texture.

For full musical flexibility, the multi-room system was topped with a NuVo Music Port, an LED display that’s easily visible in any lighting and from any angle. The Music Port, which is the brain for the multi-room system, features a smooth touch surface with scrolling song and album information, and offers power, volume, room selection and more right from the interface. The NuVo Music Port lets the family access all the digital music on their wish list.

Check out the finished product, and imagine what you could do with a similar set-up in your own home!


Our client wanted music in the kitchen, which is the heart of the home.


With such an open floor plan, it was important that music be heard throughout the living areas, too.


For entertaining dinner guests, speakers were installed in our client’s dining room as well.


Music in the master bathroom; the perfect way to relax.


NuVo Music Port In-wall Control