Home theater systems are an amazing way to bring Hollywood into the comfort of your own home, even though there are some movies that are just plain fun to watch on the “big screen”. With the new SHARP 90 inch LED TV, you might soon be able to feel like you’re at the movies right in your living room.


SHARP Aquos 90-inch TV

The LC-90LE745U, also known as the Aquos, is the latest in the line of big, bold LED televisions from SHARP, joining the modest 60- and 70-inch sizes and the significantly larger 80-inch screens. The company claims the new 90-inch screen is the world’s largest LED flat screen TV, measuring four feet tall and 6 ft 8 inches long – as tall as many NBA basketball players! Despite the incredible width of this new 90-inch behemoth, it weighs only 114 pounds and is five inches thick.

SHARP’s 90-inch television is a full-array LED, and boasts 500 LEDs behind the panel, which, according to SHARP, ensures more uniformity than edge-lit LEDs to compensate for the larger size. Other features include a 3D-capable 1080p LCD set, 240Hz anti-blur technology, built in Wi-Fi and SmartCenter Internet, which allows owners to access apps like YouTube, Netflix and HuluPlus. A full Web browser lets you surf the web in a big way, and with an additional webcam, make video calls via Skype. The 90-inch television comes with two sets of active 3D glasses.

Want to be a proud owner of this mega-television set? Open your wallet wide – the device is priced at an outrageous $10,999.99!

Home theater system setups are determined by the television screen size – the bigger your television, the bigger your room will have to be in order to be able to watch comfortably. For the typical room, a 65-inch television will do the trick – unless you have a colossally large room!

If you’re ready to design your home theater system around a more modestly sized television, Home Theater Solutions will help you find the perfect television set!