Sometimes our home theater project has a great body already in place – it just needs a little new clothing.

Our client for this month’s home installation spotlight had a home theater room and an old system from the early 90’s. Older equipment included a rear projection TV, basic cable, standard definition DVD player, VCR, and DMC speakers. The room was in great shape and a perfect shell for a home theater system. While the existing equipment was functional, it lacked the great features and technology of today’s home theater systems.

After assessing their room and taking an inventory of their current home theater needs, we came up with a plan. We chose a variety of great products to complete this install:

  • To give our client a movie theater experience, we chose a 110” Dragonfly matte film screen, which uses a fabric with a special reflective coating to maximize picture quality. The screen has a velvet covered aluminum frame and includes a tension rod for a wrinkle-free picture.
  • For an exceptional, movie-quality picture, we chose the Mitsubishi HC-6800 projector that has sharp, natural video image quality with very little digital noise. The 1080p format and 1.6x powered zoom and focus lens lets our client watch movies in HD widescreen.
  • We wanted big, bold sound for this install, so we chose 2 MartinLogan Motion 10 floor speakers (front right and left), 1 MartinLogan Motion 8 for the center channel, 2 MartinLogan Helos 20 (rear right and left) and an Episode 10’ Ported, Powered subwoofer. The MartinLogan Motion 10 speakers give the system a smooth sound with amazing clarity, while the Episode 10’ Ported, Powered subwoofer fills in the space with rich bass. The MartinLogan Helos 20 serve as very compact, high-performance in-ceiling speakers.
  • The finishing touches on this project was a URC MX-900 remote, which allows our client to control the entire room with a single device, and an in-wall AV rack to keep his movie and CD collection in perfect order.

These products helped us bring this dated 90’s room into a movie lover’s paradise. Check out the photos of our Charlotte, NC, renovation and installation to inspire you for your own home theater room.


Home theater screen and components


2 recliners for movie viewing


In-wall components