You already know the iPad is great for playing games, catching up on your email and reading the latest news online. But did you know you can easily turn your iPad into an advanced home theater system control?


Home theater control iPad apps

Since iPad’s launch three years ago, audio/visual software manufacturers have begun developing a wide range of apps on Apple’s iOS platform. Many were originally designed for the iPhone; but with the iPad’s 9.7-inch display (with a 2048×1536 resolution on the new third generation iPad), home theater control iPad apps are developed with fewer screens, a more intuitive interface and less scrolling. Functioning much like a universal remote control, home theater iPad apps allow home theater system enthusiasts to control video and sound, DVRs, HDTV, A/V receivers, Wi-Fi systems and media extenders from the palm of his or her hand – and even on the go.

Many of the home theater iPad apps are software based, meaning they can control a virtually unlimited amount of devices. Although these apps are free, they require additional hardware in order for the devices to read the app data.

Here are a few of the best home theater control iPad apps on the market.

RedEye Remote

  • Allows users to control thousands of devices from a single app, including TVs, DVRs, lighting systems and even air conditioners!
  • Includes infrared control codes for more than 85,000 devices.
  • The system syncs from your iPad app to your personal computer or iPhone via wifi, so you only have to configure once.
  • Controls your devices from anywhere in the house or while you are away via VPN.
  • The app is free; hardware ranges from $50 to $200.

Re Universal Remote Control

  • Allows users to control a variety of infrared based devices and unlimited locations using the RE NK100 IR hardware combined with the RE Universal Remote Control app.
  • Easy setup and an extensive database of infrared control codes that can be instantly updated with user requests.
  • Ability to backup app settings via email or from one iPhone or iPad to another through the Bluetooth BUMP app.
  • Customizable remote layouts that let users choose button images and assign unique skins to individual remotes.
  • The app is free; hardware is $60.


  • Allows users to control up to 8 infrared device from the iPad app through their home wifi and the iRule hardware.
  • Easy setup and customization through the iBuild website with no additional software to install.
  • App is synced through cloud computing technology – just customize your remote setup on the website and download it to your iOS device.
  • The app is free; hardware starts at $95.

No longer do you have to have multiple system controls for the technology in your home. Now your home surveillance, whole house audio and home theater controls can all be managed from your iPad.

How do you currently control your home’s theater system?