Years ago, audiophiles had no option but to clutter their homes with wires if they wanted to enjoy music in every room of their home.

Luckily, technological advances in speaker systems have given music lovers a reason to sing all over their houses – without tripping over speaker wires. These days, there are many options for Wi-Fi speaker systems. Here’s how they work and the advantages of investing in Wi-Fi speaker systems.

How Wi-Fi speakers work

Wi-Fi speaker systems function just like your home’s wireless internet router. Wi-Fi utilizes radio waves similar to two-way radios and walkie-talkies, transmitting data over one of two spectrum bands: 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Wi-Fi speaker systems typically have two components to work properly: a wireless router connected to ethernet and a player.  The ethernet will connect the Wi-Fi speaker system to your home network, giving you access to your own digital music collection or a variety of online radios or music subscription services. Depending on the system you choose, you can add devices that will allow you to stream music in several rooms, to multiple speakers in one room and to your existing home stereo system.

Advantages of Wi-Fi speakers

Although Wi-Fi is still new technology compared to radio frequency and infrared technology found in many wireless speakers, there are many benefits to using it.

Wi-Fi was designed for multiple users or devices to access the signals simultaneously. This means you can build a truly customized Wi-Fi speaker system using as few or as many speakers as you’d like. Additionally, a Wi-Fi speaker system has a wider range than traditional wireless speakers, making it a perfect fit for larger homes, homes with outdoor areas, office buildings or retail areas.

Wi-Fi speaker systems are also designed with easy set-up in mind. You don’t have to be an audio expert to get your Wi-Fi speaker system up and running. The portable speakers can be placed almost anywhere, so you don’t have to mount them (unless you want to!) Plus? No wires mean no additional clutter.

In our data driven world, Wi-Fi is everywhere – including our many “gadgets” like smart phones, tablets and laptops. Wi-Fi speaker systems offer downloadable apps for your phone and tablet that allow you to control your playlists and volume from anywhere. Because these devices use the same technology, adding more gadgets is a breeze.

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