Here”s what you do not want to happen on movie night:

  • Grab one remote to turn on the television.
  • Grab the remote that runs your Bluray player.
  • Jump up to adjust the dimmer when you realize the lights are too bright.
  • Go grab the laptop, because you need to check the weather so you know if tomorrow”s baseball game is going to happen.
  • Oh, wait! You have music playing in the kitchen. Grab that remote and turn off the tunes.

And now, finally, you can start your movie. Unless, of course, you forgot to pop the popcorn.

Home Theater Solutions can”t help you with the popcorn, but there is no reason you need a different remote for every system in your house. With a universal remote, you can control more than just your home theater systems. Here are just a few of the things an all-in-one remote can do for you:

  • Control your entire home theater system, from DVR to Bluray to music.
  • Control lighting and set the mood for entertaining, romance, or everyday living.
  • Connect to security cameras and keep an eye on other rooms of the house or entrances to your home.
  • Control the climate without ever leaving bed or your favorite movie-watching seat.
  • Connect to the internet and check weather or sports scores.

After connecting a sleek controller unit that is always on, always “talking” to your home systems, all you have to do is use simple touch screen or hard button remotes, or wall panels to achieve results. The universal systems have options for add-ons, like multi-source amplifiers, cameras, and more. You can even program remotes with your personal preferences, creating custom experiences for different users. For example, if you are primarily interested in watching TV, your interface will make that front and center, while your spouse”s interface may put music at the forefront.

Never play the stand-up-sit-down-jump-up-finally-watch-the-movie game again. With a universal remote, you”ll have it all in the palm of your hand.