Planning a cozy 3D movie night at home? Or do you want to wow your friends with your new home theater system? No matter what your movie-watching plans are this weekend, HTS has some ideas for you.

There”s a film for everyone here, whether you”re looking for a family-friendly 3D favorite, or you”re ready to test your surround sound with some high-powered explosions. We even have options for the cinema buff who prefers beautiful photography over big effects. So fire up the popcorn maker and grab your favorite movie-time beverage. It”s 3D Movie Night!

Certain films just beg to be watched in 3D. According to 3Dradar, here are the Top 10 3D movies you should own (or at least rent this weekend):

10. Bolt
9. Step Up 3D
8. The Green Hornet
7. Disney”s A Christmas Carol
6. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
5. Toy Story 3
4. Alice in Wonderland
3. Avatar
2. Resident Evil: Afterlife
1. TRON: Legacy 3D

You don”t need 3D for an incredible experience, though. Here are some ideas for movies with amazing sound, camera work, or effects:

Casino Royale
Harry Potter (any of them)
Independence Day
Iron Man
Saving Private Ryan
Star Wars (any of them)
The Incredibles
The Matrix
The Perfect Storm

Still looking for the right fit? CNet recently published their list of Top 40 Must-Have Blu-Ray Discs. From classics to comedy, action to sci-fi, and more, this list has it all.

Happy watching!