Happy New Year from Home Theater Solutions!

When the lists were made and checked once, then twice, we hope you were on the very best one: the list of people who found a new television under the tree. Or, perhaps 2011’s hard work paid off, leaving you with a bonus burning a hole in your pocket. A bonus that you want to turn into a home theater system. 

Either way, you probably have a lot of questions. The days of visiting your local electronics store and simply picking from one of the few available TV sets? Those days are long gone. Today’s choices are as varied as the buyers themselves.

So let’s start at the beginning: I have a new TV – or I’m in the market for one – now what…?

Did this holiday season include a scene where you unwrapped 6 foot by 4 foot box to find a stunning new flat screen? It’s shiny, it’s gorgeous, and all you can think about is watching your favorite movie or sport in high definition. Let’s get you set up for optimal viewing by placing your new TV in the right spot. If space allows, there are some formulas to help you select the perfect location. Keep in mind that this is your viewing experience, and these height and distance guidelines are simply starting points. In the end, it’s most important that you are comfortable when watching TV.


Conventional wisdom is that the center of the screen should be at eye level of a seated viewer, but heights can range between 45″ and 60″ from the floor, depending on the distance to your seating.


A common recommendation for distance between your seat and the TV set is 2 to 2.5 times the screen diagonal. What does that mean? If you have a TV that is somewhere in the 42”-50” range, then plan on between 8-10 feet of space between your eyes and the screen.

If you don’t have your new TV yet, then you have a lot of decisions to make before buying anything. In future posts, we’ll cover the more detailed decisions on features, starting with what kind of TV you should buy (LCD, plasma, 3D? And so much more). Today, let’s just narrow down your search first by deciding on a size, because of course it matters.


There’s a TV for every space, ranging from 20” sets ideal for a kitchen or utility space to mega screens for the most theater-like home viewing experience. We recommend that you consider your space, and then buy the largest screen your budget – and your room size – allow.

An 84” inch screen in a 6-foot room probably isn’t the best decision, even if you can easily afford it. When you sit too close you actually notice the tiny pixels, and instead of an incredible viewing experience, you’re stuck with what looks like a snowy picture. So buying a smaller TV can result in a better picture.

As you can see, there’s plenty to consider before you ever hand over that year-end bonus or hit the power button on your new TV. At Home Theater Solutions, our mission is provide the highest level of service to all of our clients, and to help you create a system that meets your needs.

One of the ways we achieve that is by providing information on this blog.

In the coming months topics will include everything from calibrating your system to decorating your home theater space. No matter what your goals or budget, we have a solution for you.

Happy viewing (or shopping)!